Heroes eventually die.

Heroes eventually die.

If it ain’t about the money, Puff, I just don’t care

If it ain’t about the money, Puff, I just don’t care

Black Lady Soul x Scott Free x Noyz x Dusty Loops

"How are you feeling?"


"Good lost or bad lost?"

That was a conversation I had with a friend last year that really changed how I look at life. It was such a simple question he asked me, but I couldn’t answer it until later that day when I took a moment to really think about what he said.

Life is often a battle for control, and we struggle against everyone and everything in order to feel we have some semblance of control over where we’re going and what we’re doing. When life doesn’t go as we want it to, we can either be ‘bad lost’ or ‘good lost’. To me, ‘bad lost’ is responding blindly out of frustration and desperation; taxing ourselves emotionally and spiritually by futilely fighting the tide to regain control. ‘Good lost’ on the other hand is taking each wave as it comes and responding logically. It’s a personal choice made not to feel distressed or overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

K-os has a lyric in his song ‘Highway 7’ where he says “it’s true that you gain your soul when you lose control”. I was 19 when I first heard that and didn’t understand it until now. There is a greater sense of peace when we choose to let life flow.


'Science should never be considered the enemy of spirituality because science is its greatest ally. Science is God explaining God through a human nervous system. Isn't spirituality the same thing?'



"I think in general the challenge with music, and what can be a gift as well, is that there’s just some things that are out of your control. You can do the work, you can make the music that you want to make and get it out there, but for some reason there are just variables that you can’t control that can sometimes work in your favor and sometimes work against you. When it comes to your music, you truly have to realize that you can’t control everything that you want to control.

If you keep going, and keep doing your thing, and the music is truly good, and you just continue to do it, you’ll get something, you know? You might not get as big of fan base as some other artists, but you’ll get something and you’ll eventually find your place.

My advice would just be enjoy the process and every step of the way. I think that’s a lot of the fun of it. Just enjoy the ride and everything that comes along with it. Also, I would say that most importantly, don’t second guess yourself. Don’t second guess taking that chance on yourself, your ideas, what you’d really love to do and what you feel you can have a contribution in. I think you at least owe that to yourself, you know? Just take a chance, and if it works out, it works out. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I think you’ll never regret stepping out and taking a chance on yourself. It’s really a beautiful thing for someone to get to that place, man. To go out and say, “I’m going to try and make my contribution to the world by doing something that I truly love.” Whether it pans out or not, you can rest easy knowing that you tried, and that’s so awesome. There is something about giving your dreams a shot, that allows you to enjoy the process of it, no matter how tough it may be.”

- Shad

Snatch Canadian cream with Scandinavians

Performing this Friday @ All Stars
73 Bramalea Road

Performing this Friday @ All Stars

73 Bramalea Road

L.Ment x Noyz x Dusty Loops present The Deadbeats Society

3 producers, 3 chapters, 9 beats.

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